If stars could be born earth-side, then silver and gold are just the right materials to make them in. Recalling Matariki (the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades) this collection has a certain celestial feel to it.

Stars have a special place in our hearts here in New Zealand, they herald the Maori New Year and adorn our clear Southern skies with a breathtaking celestial show.

Star-like qualities also resonate throughout the collection as jasmine flowers and star anise. The Pleiades Collection equally rejoices in the everyday places where heaven meets earth; in flowers and spice. Imbued with the magic of the celestial heavens as well as the budding and blooming of nature’s seasons, this shimmering light-filled collection calls you embody the sacred cycles of the universe.

The Pleiades Collection carries Matariki's promise of renewal into your life. Adorn yourself with tiny stars, evoking the fresh energy of new beginnings. Attuned with nature's cycles, you will intuit the perfect time to embrace opportunity, initiate growth and expand your horizons.