A cherished range across my collections, Mt Cook Lily designs call you to connect with your higher as well as your deeper self - like the mountain where the flower grows.

Throughout history people have revered mountains for their spiritual significance. With a high vantage point, they offer a place to see clearly and connect deep. Mountains support us look to the future and envision new beginnings.

Mount Cook is particularly majestic. It lies in the Southern Alps, the mountain range gracing the length of New Zealand’s South Island. Each year its slopes are graced with a show of beautiful white petals as the native Mt Cook Lily opens its flowers towards the sun.⁠ Maori know the mountain as ‘Aorangi’, meaning Light of Heaven.

The Mt Cook Lily Collection is an ode to all that is divinely unfolding in your life. Fine petals and stamen unfold in precious metals, heralding growth and new direction. To wear these designs is to invoke personal insights and trust in the new directions that they bring.