‘My body is my temple’.

In the Laurel Collection we honour adornment as a sacred act.

Laurel leaves have long been thought to bring us closer to the Gods, to bring us into harmony with something eternal and peaceful. I invite you to make the ritual of adornment a gesture of reverence and appreciation.

A fine silver leaf hangs from each ear, a trifecta of golden leaves is placed around your neck. To wear precious metals is to affirm your own sacredness. As you dress each morning take a moment to value your own gifts of wisdom, creativity and strength.

In Ancient Greece leaves from the bay laurel tree were traditionally woven into wreaths and presented to athletes, scholars, poets and priestesses to honour their contributions to society. To this day the laurel leaf is a symbol of insight and attainment.

To wear the Laurel Collection is to live powerfully, from the depths of your own feminine wisdom. Like the poets and priestesses of times past, your uniqueness enriches the lives of others. Appreciate your gifts, pay tribute to your own radiance.