Geneology — Whakapapa
Where am I from?

My name is Kiri Schumacher.

I’m a 5th generation New Zealander with Danish, Swiss and Celtic roots.

I come from a long line of makers. Schumacher is swiss for shoe maker.

My Danish Grandfather was a wood turner.

My father is a carpenter & an artist.

I grew up hugging men who smelt like wood chips

And I loved their workshops.

My mother is a violinist and a gardener.

She taught me to listen.

To listen for the harmony in music and in nature.

It was from her that I first learnt about the healing properties of plants.

We lived in Taranaki, where it’s fertile, wild and coastal.

Perfect for gardening.

We made things, we gardened.

And we walked a lot. In the forest and along the beach.

Once I’d finished school I knew I wanted to be a creative of some sort. I spent 6 years studying photography, sculpture and art history at Auckland's Elam School of Fine Arts.

Towards the end of my studies I discovered jewellery; miniature hammers, diamond tipped drill bits, tiny saw blades and files.

I was introduced to the various temperaments of metals when heated, shaped, hammered and carved.

Soon, there was often a fine coating of gold and silver dust on my hands.

Kiri Schumacher jewellery began in 2002, as I graduated.

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What is sacred?

Standing place – Turangawaewae
Where do I work?

Ethos – Kaupapa
What are my guiding values?