Aarahi Earrings
22ct Gold Plate



In the Maori language of Te Reo the word Aarahi means 'to herald' and refers to the appearance of certain stars in the night sky, signalling a new phase in nature's cycles and rhythms. These gold earrings evoke your connection to the heavens and remind you to trust in the guiding signs along the way.

Hand formed contours are finished to a high polish, creating a reflective quality that catches the light as you move. At the centre hangs a slender gold stalk - reminiscent of a staff or divining rod, strengthening the link between your everyday and higher self.

The word Aarahi also means 'guide'. These earrings additionally serve as a reminder that you too are a guide. Your life touches others with its grace and your presence guides others on their path.

Beautiful in their simplicity, these elegant earrings will soon become a daily favourite.


Handcrafted in sterling silver, then plated in 22ct gold.


Metric : 1.5cm wide. Earring 8cm long incl. stalk and hook.
Imperial : 0.59" wide. Earring 3.14" long incl. stalk and hook.


New Zealand : Free
Australia : $22 or free on orders over $250
Rest of World : $32 or free on orders over $500
Complimentary gift wrapping.
Made in New Zealand.